Class Descriptions


  • Our studio is heated to 80 degrees.  Just enough heat to create a detoxifying sweat.  Music supports our classes to create an uplifting flow.Each teacher will offer an adaptation of traditional yoga poses by creating a moving meditation and will include a dynamic combination of strength and spirituality — for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. We offer the challenge to each individual to experience transformation while working at your own level of ability.


    Flow and Restore All Levels:

    This well-rounded class starts in a slow and deep flowing vinyasa style which will allow for a deeper connection to each pose. The second half of the class you will spend time in seated poses which will lead to calm and spaciousness in the mind and body. Yoga Nidra/Sleep is part of the final resting pose. No experience necessary.

    Acro Yoga All Levels:

    These classes are designed for beginners to gain exposure to the basics of AcroYoga and for experienced practitioners to refine and strengthen their foundational skills. Come by yourself, or bring a partner. We will be working in groups of 3 (flyer, base, and spotter) to ensure the fun and safety of all participants. Classes will explore the fundamentals of front flying, back flying, inversions, flying therapeutics, and transitions to link the postures together. Each week will build on the foundation of the previous session, so full participation and attendance is encouraged. Pre-registration for classes is encouraged because we are capping the attendance at 21 people due to space.

    Vinyasa All Levels:

    Our signature all levels class is vigorous, dynamic, flow-based vinyasa yoga where variance and creativity are the norm.  Each class differs from the last to help you find your edge. A moving meditative practice where breath is linked to movement. You will sweat and you will be challenged.   Strength, flexibility, breathwork, and mindfulness come into harmony to create a feeling of balance. Described as a “soul revival” the only way to truly understand is to experience it.  We suggest that you have a familiarity with sun A & B salutations.

    Vinyasa All Levels Rebel Beats:

    This class blends great-energy music with a fun, powerful yoga flow that will inspire you, lift your spirits and expand your vision of what is possible within every breath and beat. Expect to hear top 40 songs, country, hip-hop, reggae and alternative.

    Core Flow:

    Core Flow is a dynamic blend of our all levels class with emphasis on strong core work.   This class will strengthen your practice, develop your core stability and increase functional strength.

    All Levels Acro Yoga Jams:

    AcroYoga jams are improvisational sessions where practitioners of all levels learn from each other and experiment with new acro yoga skills. The jam will typically begin with a guided warm up to facilitate working with partners and then we will break into groups consisting of at least one flyer, one base and one spotter. Safety, communication and community building are the most important aspects of the practice. Come with an open mind, and willingness to play. No experience needed! $5 Cash Only

    Yin Yoga:

    The essence of Yin Yoga is surrender. To balance the heat-building, blood-pumping, strengthening “yang” side of a Vinyasa Flow or Ashtanga practice, Yin focuses on postures that lengthen the muscles surrounding the hips, pelvis, and lower back. Students typically hold these postures for 3-10 minutes per side in order to lengthen the connective tissue that surrounds the joints and increase its elasticity. The elasticity of our connective tissue diminishes with physical activity and aging, which makes Yin essential for injury prevention and joint health. Since a Yin Yoga practice often includes several long, seated forward bending postures, it also restores energy and calms the nervous system.

    Inversions and Arm Balances:

    Discover how to approach inversions with ease, grace, and power. You will learn tricks for kicking up to the wall, balancing without the wall, opening your shoulders, boosting your confidence, and connecting to your playful spirit. Heather will break down the many intricacies of forearm stand, handstand, headstand and shoulder stand, as well as the myriad of evolutionary variations available to you once upside down. On the Arm Balance Front: Students often over rely on force in arm balances rather than using architectural smarts and proper specific warm up to get into these poses smoothly. Heather will help you explore the science and psychology of arm-balances so you can approach them with greater mindfulness and ease. Each week will focus on different poses. Please check our events/workshop page for this monthly workshop.

    Yoga Privates:

    Want some 1:1 instruction or can’t find a class to fit your schedule? FSYC offers private yoga instruction either at the studio or at your home. A private yoga lesson will be catered to you and your unique needs, energy and mood!

    Rates vary by location and duration. Please contact us for details.

    Yoga PARTIES!

    Planning a girls’ weekend, a special event or having houseguests and want to bring yoga into the mix of activities? We are here to help! We can hold a private yoga practice for you and your family/friends at FSYC or we can come to you!

    Please contact us for more details.